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VPN Services:Edit

So what how why ?

Paid VPN services are offered by a number of companies around the world. The prices are very different from one to another. The privacy policies are very different also. Here we're more interested in their privacy policies and specifically, do they log or not ?

  • Some of those VPN services are in countries which don't require any logging (like Sweden). Some of those are in countries which require logging (like the US).
  • Some of those VPN services like HideMyAss are notoriously known for cooperating with Law Enforcement and actually not protecting your privacy at all. These should be avoided AT ALL COST.
  • Some of those VPN services are trusted by the community (the P2P community) and often have a no logging policy (and are often based in Sweden).

Probably the best article, in our opinion, to date reviewing most well-known VPN service is here : The information in this article should help you choose a VPN service provider. No really, this is the best article so far.


  • They have sponsoring agreements with VPN providers (coupons etc)
  • They often review on speed / price and not really on logging policy

So compiled from that article:

Here is the list of VPN services you should really AVOID because they log way too much and/or cooperate way too easily with law enforcement:

  • HideMyAss (RED FLAG here, avoid at all costs)
  • VyprVPN
  • StrongVPN
  • SwissVPN
  • VPNReactor (They log for 5 days, based in US (which is a Red Flag of course))

And the VPN services that you could give a try because they don't log a lot :

  • AirVPN (It's not clear what they log or not , based in Italy)
  • BlackVPN (They do keep some logs, based in the Netherlands)

And finally, the VPN services not logging AT ALL, which we strongly recommend of course:

Specific P2P VPN Services (useful for accessing censored sites like ThePirateBay):

General VPN Services (useful for everything):

Of course , when you pick a VPN service , try to pick one that is not in a country actively censoring ThePirateBay ... Or you'll end up buying yourself another censorship service.