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Helping people protect their digital privacy since 2012 !

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Why ? Edit


2012 , Year of the Apocalypse ? Probably not ... But certainly the year of internet-censorship, the year of SOPA, the year of PIPA, the year of ACTA. The year of MegaUpload closing. The year of PirateBay censorship around Europe.

More and more the governments, pressed by corportations around the world, are pushing for more control of the internet. More and more they invade your privacy by use of censorship and tracking technologies.

More and more the governments will galdly step on your basic rights.

2012 is a year where you can get jail time for:

  • Posting a joke on twitter
  • Posting a joke on facebook
  • Posting the "wrong video" on Youtube
  • Sharing a video or a song (that's the capital offense)

1984 is slowly but surely coming .. Just a bit late.

List of cases

How ? Edit

This wiki will try to provide user-friendly tutorials and guides to help you with:

  • Protecting your privacy from anyone including your government.
  • Get around censorship policies.
  • Find places to share media freely.

Is this new ? No it's not !! All of the information you'll find here already exists all over the internet for years and years.

This wiki will just try to gather that information from all-over the internet for you to view in an "easy way"

Where to start ?Edit

Right here with our different pages:

  • Forensics Nightmares: where you'll find guides to make your data secure, including from your own government if needed !!
  • Bypassing Censorship : where you'll find guides to bypass net censorship, including from those idiotic court orders for blocking sites like ThePirateBay !!
  • Media sharing : where you'll find what to do without MegaUpload , because there are alternatives !!

Wanna help ? Edit

This is a new work in progress :) We need help ,we need contributors, editors and moderators :)

If you want to contribute , don't hestitate to sign-up and do so !!

This wiki is meant to be "world-centric" and not "us-centric". It should benefit everyone !!

External ResourcesEdit

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (US-Centric Internet Rights Website)
  • Wikileaks (Obviously , see the Spy Files)
  • (Internet Rights Association if you're in Belgium)
  • (Internet Rights Association if you're in the Netherlands)
  • LaQuadratureDuNet (Well known European site figting for Internet Freedom , in English for most of Europe and in French if you're in France)

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