So ... your website is well censored for you and you can't access it with alternative DNS servers and you don't have mirrors available.

So you think you're in the shit.

Well not really, there are still ways you can regain access and bypass your ISP censorship with several methods.

  • VPN : probably the best way but you'll have to go for a paid service for performance and privacy
  • Tor : however while it will allow you re-gain access , it's so slow it wouldn't be usable so ... let's forget about that for now.
  • Proxies : they exist , some paid , some free and they will allow you re-gain access ... but the free proxies kinda suck and the paid ones offer little to no advantages over VPN services. And I don't know anyone using them anyway.

So there you go , that's the solution, quick and easy .. .VPN so hop on to our VPN Services page where you'll find information about which VPN provider you can trust and which one you can't trust :)

Once you're connected to the internet with one of those nice VPN services described in this Wiki, you should be able to re-gain access to the censored website quite easily.

In addition , if you went for a "no logging VPN" , you'll be able to access it way more securely than before because your real IP will be hidden from your Torrent client.